Saturday, November 30, 2013


HELLO EVERYONEE!! I just miss this blog so much... hehehe..
well.. this girl is miss this boy ALOT. I mean I just realize that it's been 2 years and im not still completly over from my ex. awkward. I don't know if I can really say that I miss my first love but I just think about him quite a bit. I wonder if he's got a girlfriend s or if he's still single. I feel so numb now, I cnt even express cause i am scared of the way it hurts.. I dont even know if I can ever fall in love again, I really dont believe in love anymore.. he is not a romantic guy *lol* and there's nothing special when we're date.. but he is just different, he is special, he is fr from usual, he is just different and i like that... Why would I even think about what he's doing when he is not thinking about me? why did i on earth fll in love with him? why on earth does true love, which is supposed to last, be so heartbreaking? Over and over I have though about contacting him and asking if we could possibly meet up to talk things over. But im to scared to call him or text him because i feel like he will jst ignore me and I dont want to feel stupid... ugh.

But all I ever wanted
Was for you to look at me 
As if you were the night sky
and I was your only star..